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 Imbastici Milano!

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PostSubject: Imbastici Milano!   Wed Aug 08, 2007 12:37 am

Our adventure began in the first Nineties between the elation for the tricolour just won and the unawareness of the hard tests which were awaiting the "blackandblue people"... those days some boys were "gravitating" around the so-called GRUPPO PERVERSO they were not exactly part of the group but were seating on the "NORD" steps and talking themselves hoarse while supporting the "BENEAMATA".
Among the others the sonorous voice of our future leader stood out, especially when he incited the team by shouting

" i m b a s t i s c i i i i i !!!"
Many others identified themselves in his "cry of battle".
The spirit of aggregation was so strong that in a few months a new idea of "being a fan" took shape, based on folk-lore and allegory, ingredients rather unusual in those days.
So during the "trip" to Genoa we "placed the milestone" for the creation of our group.... was the 16th May 1993, the glorious "GRUPPO IMBASTISCI" was born!!!!

The team immediately gains consents and in about two years passes from a dozen guys to about forty members they all have in common the infinite love for their team, INTER, and the desire to "play havoc".
1995 is probably the hardest year for the group, which must face the departure of its historical leader, the boy who most wanted to create it and who stood god-father to it, giving it its unusual name and moulding its goliardic character.
Then the sceptre passed to Mr. English, who wrings the leadership and in a few months founded the new " board of governors" made up by about ten members.


Season 1998/1999 marks the turning-point, thanks to the moving of PERVERSI in the central side of the sector: the IMBASTISCI GROUP gains space on the railings and changes its look, renewing the "banner" and doubling drums.
Followers became more and more and they are almost one hundred today.

In the meantime our "weight" is growing, too, comparing with the other groups, thanks to our participation in preparing the more and more exacting choreographies.

The group goes on growing but we stand firm to our principles, based on friendship and amalgamated by the contagious cheerfulness and longing for "crazy fun", always and everywhere.
Our statute, not written but indelible anyhow, is based exactly on these ideals and on our being non-political, even if some members do not hide their liking for the "right wing";no one uses our group to state his own ideas, but a sole, incomparable love:

the one for our I N T E R.
How could we forget to mention, in this page, the ones who believed in us and helped us to emerge, for everything we are and will ever be.
A special thank to the "MILANO NEROAZZURRA" and, above all, the ones who are no longer with us.
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Imbastici Milano!
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