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PostSubject: incidents   Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:42 pm

as we all know, ultras come with their contreversies. were talking about extremists, who amidst their love for the club, lurkes darker hooligan behaviour. often its their love for their club, which leads to such extreme behaviour.

Inter's Ultras, although not as bad as others, have had their fare share of incidents, some of which have even made prime time news half way aound the world

some incidents:
-2001- alaves fans injured in fight
-massive fights in ascoli resulting in death
-flares thrown on pitch in CL
-molotove coktail thrown at team bus
-inter players injured after villa loss
-zorro business, casuing protest ext..
-scooter thrown from the curva nord, by ultras.
-verona and inter ultras clash, during italy v scotland

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PostSubject: Re: incidents   Tue Jul 03, 2007 5:13 am

more recently this year, Inter Ultras was denied acces to attend the Atalanta game. the Ultras made a wreck of the train, and were converselly attacked by some atalanti:

Shot at 2007-07-03
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PostSubject: Re: incidents   Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:02 pm

couldnt find an intro page so

anyway im new,my name is anatoly kalashnikov lol! nice website mate,great topics pig
see you guys soon
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PostSubject: Re: incidents   Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:23 am

welcome mate. keep posting
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PostSubject: Re: incidents   Sat Jul 14, 2007 12:46 am

Lads from the Curva Nord sent me some priceless information about incidents in the curva. much thanks!

Mayor fights in F.c.Inter Curva Nord History

Vs. ac.milan

December 14, 1980
s.siro stadium game in favour of the victims of the
earthquake in the south of Italy.

Violent fights on the terraces betwen fc.inter and ac.milan
The car of one ac.milan leader was burned.

December 15, 1980

Every ultras in Milano knows the story when night time 50
ac.milan hools rounded a famous pub of fc.inter ultras and
the reaction of inter hools with knives and guns.
One leader of ac.milan hools was knifed and the rest ran

July 1980
International Friendly Championship called “Mundialito”
at s.siro stadium.

Day one
fc.inter fans charge ac.milan fans outside the stadium
ac.milan fans ran away, during the runaway one leader of
ac.milan hools hit with a knife an fc.inter hools leader.
Fc.inter hools shoot with guns and ac.milan hools used
During the night the leader of ac.milan hools was
hospitalized after being assaulted with iron sticks and hit
on his head by fc.inter ultras.

Day two
More than two hundred ac.milan hools charge fc.inter ultras
inside the stadium after they show a banner with a reference
to the ac.milan leader assaulted during the night.
Fc.inter ultras react charging too.
Ac.milan fans run backwards to their “curva” and it
seamed a runaway but a few seconds after they charged again
weaving wood sticks and knives in the air.

After this final fight which last almost half hour on the
terraces a meeting was kept between the leaders of both
groups and was made the decision of an agreement for no more
fight in the future.

The agreement still exist and resist today.

Vs. hellas Verona

September 12, 1982
Verona-inter Italian championship

80 hools from Milano fight with Verona hools
At the end of the fight begun after the game, 3 ultras from
Verona were knifed and other 6 ultras from Verona and one
police officer were hospitalized.

April 17, 2002
Italy-uruguay at s.siro stadium

Fc.inter hools charge Verona hools supporting Italy on the
Verona ultras shoot marine rockets and used glass bottles
and belts to fight,
Fc.inter hools bare hands.
The fight last almost 20 minutes and ends with Verona hools
running away towards ac.milan curva were some ac.milan hools
joint inter ultras hunting the common rivals.
3 verona hools were hospitalized, one with a broken arm.

Vs. as.roma

November 22, 1981
Inter-roma Italian championship

The most violent fight ever happened in fc.inter hools
As.roma team was about to win the title and their fans came
in Milano in thousands.
Fights happened all over the town fc.inter hools were
ferocious one roma fan was thrown from the upper terrace to
the lower during a fight!!!
One roma fan was thrown outside a tram on the way of the
Inside the stadium fights last hours and the day after
newspapers titled “a bath of blood!!! 17 roma fans knifed
To be completely honest at least other dozens of roma ultras
refused to be hospitalized after being knifed.

May 8, 1991
Inter-roma uefa cup final

6 roma fans, 1 inter fan, 1 police officer knifed after long
fights before and after the game.

Vs. bologna

April 4, 1981

After the game 30 fc.inter hools arrested for fighting
One leader of bologna hools was knifed.

Vs. fc.genoa

November, 1982
Inter-genoa Italian championship

Newspaper in genova titled “a night of terror in Milano”
after fc.inter hools assaulted genoa ultras after tha game
and knifing one leader of them.

March 27, 1983
Return game

After the game genoa fans rounded fc.inter ultras near the
station brignole in genova.
Fc.inter fans react charging with knifes.
One genoa hooligan was knifed and 2 inter ultras arrested.

Vs. ascoli

October 9, 1988
Ascoli-inter Italian championship

After the game fc.inter hools reach the curva of ascoli fans
outside the stadium and after a huge fight the leader of
ascoli fans is hospitalized and then die

Vs. atalanta

Dicember 4, 1988
Autogrill near Modena on the highway Milano-Bologna

One bus with 50 fc.inter ultras on their way to Pescara meet
2 bus with about 90 atalanta ultras from bergamo on the way
of rome.
2 hools from atalanta were knifed one bus of atalanta ultras
was destroyed by the assault of fc.inter hools.

January 29, 1989
Atalanta-inter Italian championship

Inter team is about to win the title and more than 5000
ultras reach bergamo by train
At the end of the game a little group of fc.inter hools
leave the huge group on the way to the railstation and fight
atalanta hools in a narrow street in the center of town.
One ultras of atalanta was hospitalized for a knife hit and
was about to die for the injuries.
45 fc.inter hools were arrested

June 11,1989
Inter-atalanta Italian championship

About one hundred atalanta ultras are leaded by the police
by mistake near the pub were inter hools meet before every
home game.
The all bar runs after atalanta fans and even the police
runaway on rifle was stolen to a policeman and thrown
towards other police officers

Soccer season 2000-1
Inter-atalanta Italian championship

Ultras atalanta from bergamo come to Milano by scooters and
try to reach fc.inter hools bar when the beginning of the
game is near
There are not many fc.inter ultras at that time but the
reaction is violent, atalanta fans runaway leaving many
scooters on the street.
During the game some fans bring the scooter of one leader of
atalanta fans on the higher terraces, try to burn it and
throw on the lower terrace.
They knew that it belonged to a leader because there were
his documents inside.

June 20, 2007
Atalanta-inter Italian championship

Fc.inter has already won the Italian title and 200 hools are
on the way to bergamo by train, near the city in a little
train station before bergamo about 30 hools from atalanta
attacked the train with stones.
Fc.inter fans pulled the emergency brake, before the train
came to a complete stop atalanta hools broke the windows
with wooden sticks.
When the doors opened atalanta ultras kept throwing stones
and for a few minutes they avoid fc.inter fans to go out of
the train to react.
As they stop throwing objects fc.inter fans charged and
atalanta fans ran away, fc.inter hools tried to follow them
across the street but the could runaway with some scooters

Vs Austria wien

Austria wien-inter Champion cup
Inter fans are attacked in the park near the Prater Stadium
in Wien
Many fans are injuried

For many days inter fans let know to the fans from Austria
not to come in Milano for the return game, even the
newspapers write about it.

Inter-austria wien return game
Austria wien pass the turn with a final 1-1 inter ultras
throw objects on the field and the players leave the field
protected by the police.
Outside the stadium inter hools start a real hunt to the
fans from Austria.
Finally 50 hools from wien are reached and they could just
try to protect themselves with gas spray before being
One of them will be hospitalized for many days and risked to
lose his life.
Newspapers in Austria titled “in Milano was like a hell”

September 19, 1990
Rapid wien-inter uefa cup

Outside the stadium 30 hools from Austria wien attacked a
couple of inter ultras.
When the rest of hools inside the stadium realised they were
from Austria the started violent fights with the police to
go outside and reach them.
21 ultras were arrested and 8 policemen were ospitalized

Vs shalke 04

Inter-shalke uefa cup final

About one hundred hools from germany reached the fc.inter
hools bar and fought them starting shooting marine rockets.
No doubt about who was the winner even if inter hools were
not ready to fight they made the germans run.

March 3, 1998
Inter-shalke uefa cup

Fc.inter hools are ready to fight the germans in front of
the bar and the germans came again.
The fight last 5 minutes fc.inter ultras used wooden sticks
this time and the germans could nothing against it.
One hooligan from germany was hospitalized and for many days
he risked to lose an eye because of the assault with sticks.

Vs. man utd

March 17, 1999
Inter-manchester united champions league

Probably the best hooligans seen in Milano, English fans
came in Milano in thousands for that game.
For two days they fought the police in the city center,
fc.inter hools were not ready to fight them in town and they
waited for the game.
When the game come there were too many police rounding it.
Fc.inter hools fought little groups of English fans far from
the stadium and send many of them to the hospital.
Two English fans were also knifed, but we consider this one
of our worst day.

Vs. feijenord

March, 2002
Inter-feijenord Rotterdam uefa cup

About 50 hools from rotterdam came across fc.inter bar and
they proved to be good fighters.
The fights kept going for about half hour because of the
police who kept triing to separate them.
During the fight one hooligan was knifed by inter hools.

Other events

December 14, 2000
Inter-parma italy cup

Some hools from fc.inter
Throw 2 molotovs bombs to fc.inter team bus to protest
against their little attitude to fight on the field

For the same reasons

Fc.inter hools suspended the derby during the champions
league game thowing hundreds of fireworks to the field

A group of fc.inter ultras assaulted the players outside the
international airport of malpensa

This are just a little part of the fights of the Curva Nord
in the years.

In the 80’s Curva Nord were absolutely the most violent
Hooligans in Italy
In the 90’s Curva Nord payed an high price for his
reputation in Italy and Europe in terms of arrests.

In recent years Curva Nord is coming back in terms of
organization but the new laws don’t give much space for
fights specially for a Group with a reputation like our.

At present time we believe that the group leader in Italy is
Naples specially because they played for many years in lower
Another good group were Catania before the death of the
policeman, all other main Ultras groups have so many people
with restriction to go at the stadium that make them
impossible to be judged.

You know, in a real fight no one could say I won you lose
unless some one runs away but
be sure that even if we don’t fight much anymore there is
still NO group that, at present time, can really say to have
made the Curva Nord run in an open fight and every one is
free to face us anytime coming to our bar before any game.

We’re always ready to fight but we think time of fights is
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